Gingras Bourbon Reserve Apple Cider Vinegar

Gingras Bourbon Reserve Apple Cider Vinegar
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The Bourbon reserve apple cider vinegar, which spends the longest amount of time in the Reserve Cellar, is an incomparable product. They start with their award winning Gingras XO Original Apple Cider Vinegar, which has already been aged for additional time in small oak barrels in their Reserve Cellar.

The Gingras XO Bourbon Reserve Apple Cider Vinegar ages for up to one year in former Bourbon casks. This additional time allows the casks to impart the vinegar with a more bold flavour and an extra hint of oak & Bourbon in the aroma, with no alcohol content. The final result is refined, bold and extra complex; the epitome of Pierre Gingras’ years of artisanal cider vinegar craft. Gingras XO Bourbon Reserve is exceptional in marinades or used in place of other aged specialty vinegars.



Made in Canada